Saturday, June 16, 2007

Summer 2007 BeDe classes in Amherst, Mass.

Summer 2007 BeDe classes in Amherst, Mass.
Take a crash course in BeDe card making techniques! You may sign up via phone, web or in person at the LSSE office in Amherst center. All the regsitration information is available at or you may call LSSE at 259-3065. Register for Session A before Tuesday, June 19th to avoid the $10 late fee. If you have questions about the classes please email T. Baird Soules at soules [at] ecs [dot] umass [dot] edu. Please include "BeDe" in the subject heading. Hope to see you at the start of Session A at 7 PM on Monday, June 25th!

Friday, June 15, 2007

The BeDe baby, 2006

This BeDe card was made within Photoshop.

Brave Knave, 2005

This 2005 BeDe card by JSG combines collage, hand lettering and drawing.

Rough Drafts by JM, 2005

This 2005 BeDe card uses rubber stamp letters.

Ancient soldiers, 2006

This 2006 BeDe card combines a two-window business envelope, two soldiers and translated ancient Hebrew text.

Born in Beverly, Massachusetts, 2006

This BeDe card commemorates all the good boys and girls born in Beverly, Mass. in the 1980s. - Baird

Sunday, April 15, 2007

BeDe Courses!

If you live anywhere near Amherst, Massachusetts we want you to know that Jess, Baird and I will be offering two, 3 session, classes on BeDe card art this summer through Amherst Leisure services. It will be held on Monday evenings in June and July, dates forthcoming. I'll be posting more info when the registration info is published. We are really excited to have this awesome opportunity to share the fun and teach others a variety of applications for BeDe's.

- Carol